Monday, June 29, 2009

To Be Cut Out


It is very unfortunate, but in recent weeks and days I have had to cut some people out of my life

Negroes have been acting up. And I don't have the time, strength, or energy to deal with it.

Case #1: The Ex

Yep yep... He has been BLOWING UP my damn phone.

The Voicemail Message: "You need to stop actin' like a big baby[idiot]...You are very ungrateful. You think I'm evil but you don't realize how you treat me. I bet you treat people at school who you just met better than you treat me [hell yea, they actually treat me like I'm a human being]. I need to know if you wanna come home this weekend [he still thinks I want him to service my parts, dumass]. I'll pay for your ticket [uhh, do you want a pat on the back?] Do you want to come to the BBQ? [NO mofo, I don't like your ass or your crazy ass family]. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

His AIM has been blocked, his number deleted and his calls are being IGNORED!


Case # 2: The Sportsman

He has NOT been blowing up my phone.

Where the hell is he? This man has to be the sexiest human being on the planet to me. He is just my type... Tall, football player build, nice smile, college educated, etc. Only thing is, homeboy can not hold a conversation.

UNLESS ITS ABOUT SEX. That's just plain ol' ridiculous. Mmm mm no. You've gots to go.

I'm so attracted to him, things could get outta control [as they almost did-but thats another story for another day]. WHEW.

I decided he is not what I'm looking for and I don't need to be talking to him AT ALL.

His phone number has been deleted.

Case # 3: The Silly Man

He used to BLOW UP my iPhone inbox... But only when his shorty [some skeezer, no lie yah] wasn't around.

He is easy to explain. We were on again and off again for months. Homeboy thought I was somebody he could pull out his back pocket when homegirl wasn't around. Hol' up, wait a got dam minute! I am not SECOND to anyone. We can put the breaks on that one. Nor am I a homewrecker. I knew he was in love with her-shit he broadcasted it all over his Facebook page. Need I say more?

His number has been deleted, his Facebook page has been removed.

Case #4: The Sweetie

He acts like he is allergic to his phone.

This man is so sweet. He constantly puts a smile on my face. He is in college and has goals that I know he will reach. He is so handsome and he is a good dresser [he got that NY Swag that I love]. Too bad he is too busy or whatever. IDK, he just doesn't have his priorities in order [meaning me-I deserve to be up there on that list :)]. And every time he would come back around it would be with the same ol'... I missed you sweetie, how you doing princess?, sorry I've been busy. And I believe he was being sincere. But I don't think he is ready for a relationship and I like him too much to just remain friends. Plus we only saw each other ONCE because every time we supposed to meet up he flakes out. HELL NO! So unfortunately [his loss] he had to go.

His number has been deleted, his AIM SN has been blocked.

Nonetheless, I still have faith in my Black men. I don't believe that they are ALL "ain't shit niggas." Nah not all of them. Just the one's I have been running into. LMAO, no need to be upset. I'm not even 21 yet, things will look up.

So I went to having three boos (the Ex doesn't count) to having NONE.

How do I feel?

Just fine. Refreshed. Like I'm starting a new chapter. All smiles.


  1. why do men suck dirty balls so badly? -.-

  2. lmao idk... bcuz a lot of them ain't shit

  3. You're doing a GREAT thing Nik..having the maturity to realize that when something is making you sick, it's time to get rid of that