Monday, July 13, 2009

Fuck You, Pay Me!

Oh the wonderful world of employment...

The supervisors at my job, I am convinced, have absolutely no idea what in the world they are doing.

Rule #1 for dealing with Black people:
Don't mess with our damn money!

Obviously, Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn't get the memo. How do you mess up someone's paycheck? Twice?!
Lord, Jesus, give me the strength!

They basically did not pay me for a whole week of pay because of some damn mistake- someone can't count right. How the heck did you make it through four years of college and grad school and not learn how to count? I have bills to pay, life is real, I cannot afford for you to mess up my paycheck. It was the first of the month too...SMH.

Ok, ok. But people make mistakes. So I kind of forgave them seeing how they corrected the issue and the missing money should be showing up on my next check.

But then! Thing 2 messed up again [Can Thing 1, who is more experienced, please not go on vacation anymore and if he does, can he please teach Thing 2 how to do his job CORRECTLY?] He scheduled me for too many hours last week... This is not slave labor, you did not pay me, I will not be working no damn overtime for you. And then, this week he scheduled me for not enough hours. When I brought this issue to his attention and demanded he give me back my damn shifts so I can work the 40 hours a week I was promised, he replies:
"Sorry for the mistake, unfortunately, we already filled the schedule."
A ha ha ha ha ha. That is the funniest sugar honey ice tea I have ever heard. What do they think this is?

Let's just say I had to get ignorant and you better believe I am working my 40 hours. I think he learned his lesson. Never ever play with Nikki C's money. And if they mess up my next check, you better believe I'm going in that office and I am going to accuse them of thinking they run a slave-operated business. My friend who they did not pay at all (yah see what kind of mess they on?)since summer began did the same thing. She said it scared them s**tless. LMAO.

I really really do hope all goes well. SMH. All I got to do is make it through summer.


  1. LMAO wow...u right abt that tho if my pay check is EVER messed up (knocks on wood) im going the hell off on everyone!

    thx for following my blog!!

  2. ritee?? gotta get ghetto real quick to make things happen, smh... but no problem! thanx for following back